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Information for oral presenters

For those presenters who would like to connect a laptop for their talk, connectors at Robinson college include:


Lightning – HDMI

Visual display port – HDMI

Let us know if you have any specific connector queries!

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Book tickets for the dinner & dance

Attention all: tickets for the dinner and dance at our 2019 conference in Cambridge are now available. Make sure to book your tickets to not miss out on all the fun. Book your tickets here.

The conference dinner and dance will be held at Browns Bar and Brasserie in the centre of Cambridge (23 Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA) on Monday 2nd September. This will include a 3 course meal and a Ceilidh with Firecrest folk band. Guests are invited to arrive from 6pm with dinner at 6.30pm. Tickets can be purchased for £30 at the link below and guests may be added for £36 (available until 26th August).

Please ensure you choose your menu options and indicate any dietary requirements when booking your tickets.

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2019 Conference Program

Monday, September 2nd
Location: Robinson College, Grange Rd, Cambridge CB3 9AN

  • 8:45 Registration (Welcome tea/coffee)

  • 9:15 Welcome address & conference introduction

  • Symposium: Split brain: split or unified agency (Chair Edward de Haan)

    9:30 Matt Rosner: The split-brain phenomenon

    9:55 Edward de Haan: The interaction between visual hemifield/body and respond hand

    10:20 Yair Pinto: Challenges and pitfalls in the split-brain research

    10:45 Anil Seth: Islands of awareness

  • 11:10 Tea & coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • 11:30 Mid-Career Prize Lecture

    • Patrick Haggard

  • 12:30 Speed presentation session 1

  • 13:00 Lunch break with poster session 1 and sponsor exhibits

  • Symposium: The information content of brain activity in real time (Chair - John Duncan & Alexandra Woolgar)

    14:15 Alexandra Woolgar: Spatial and feature-based attention have distinct, interacting, effects on population-level tuning

    14:40 Sneha Shashidhara: Local field potentials contain stronger and more stable information than spikes

    15:05 Mark Stokes: Separating competing task representations within prefrontal cortex

    15:30 Denise Moerel: Disentangling the effects of attention and decision-making on the dynamic representation of visual stimuli

  • 16:00 Tea & coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • 16:30 Invited keynote speaker

    • Kia Nobre: Memory and Attention: the Back and Forth

  • BACN Conference Dinner & Dance

    • Location TBC

Tuesday, September 3rd
Location: Robinson College, Grange Rd, Cambridge CB3 9AN

  • Open session 1

    9:00 Edwin Dalmaijer: Big data statistics and high-resolution tests of cognition, attitudes , mental health, and socio-economic status reveal a complex interplay that shapes children’s educational outcomes

    9:25 Roni Tibon: Mulitmodal integration and vividness in the angular gyrus during episodic encoding and retrieval

    9:50 Carmel Mevorach: Hypoactivated precuneus as a potential mechanism underlying impaired dynamic attention in ASD

  • 10:15 Tea and coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • Open session 2

    10:45 Amanda C. Marshall: Interoceptive inference: from bodily predictions to environmental interactions

    11:10 Ashwani Jha: Metabolic lesion-deficit mapping of human cognition

    11:35 Daniel Bor: Fluctuation in fMRI and MEG neural complexity during wakefulness relate to conscious level and cognition

  • 12:00 Speed presentation session 2

  • 12:30 BACN AGM

  • 12:50 Lunch break with poster session 2 and sponsor exhibits

  • 14:00 Early Career Prize Lecture

    • Micah Allen

  • 15:00 Tea and coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • Symposium: Brain stimulation as therapy - who responds? (Chair Katherine Dyke)

    15:20 Camilla Nord

    15:45 Jacinta O’Shea

    16:10 Sarina Iwabuchi

    16:35 Eileen Joyce

  • 17:00 Main Conference End

Wednesday, September 4th - Language & Cognition Satellite Event
Location: Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, 15 Chaucer Rd, Cambridge, CB2 7EF

  • 9:40 Introduction from Matt Lambon Ralph (MRC CBU)

  • Current understanding of human semantic cognition

    9:45 Beth Jefferies (University of York)

    10:10 Paul Hoffman (University of Edinburgh)

    10:35 Richard Binney (Bangor University)

    11:00 JeYoung Jung (University of Nottingham)

  • 11:25 Tea and coffee break

  • Language, speech and brain oscillations

    11:40 Benedikt Zoefel (MRC CBN)

    12:05 Hyojin Park (University of Birmingham)

    12:30 Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial College London)

  • 12:55 Lunch break

  • Multilingual language perception and production

    14:15 Clara Martin (BCBL)

    14:40 Esti Blanco Elorrieta (NYU)

    15:05 Alexis Adelman Hervais (University of Zurich)

    15:30 Francesca Branzi (MRC CBU)

  • 15:55 Drinks reception

Amanda Marshall
Poster Dimensions 2019

Quick info for our poster presenters: Poster dimensions for our 2019 conference will be A0 (841mm (w) x 1189mm (h)). We can’t wait to see and hear about your newest projects!

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Satellite Event on Language and Cognition

The line-up for our satellite event on Language and Cognition has been finalised, join us on the 4th of September for an interesting set of talks. Remember this event is free for all conference attendees!

  • 9.40 AM: Director gives an opening talk

1. Current understanding of human semantic cognition

  • 9.45 AM: Beth Jefferies (University of York)

  • 10.10 AM: Paul Hoffman (University of Edinburgh)

  • 10.35 AM: Richard Binney (Bangor University)

  • 11.00 AM: JeYoung Jung (University of Nottingham)

  • 11.25 – 11.40 AM: BREAK (15min)

2. Language, speech and brain oscillations

  • 11.40 AM: Benedikt Zoefel (MRC CBU)

  • 12.05 PM: Hyojin Park (University of Birmingham)

  • 12.30 PM: Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial College London)

  • 12.55 – 2.15 PM: LUNCH BREAK (1h and 20 minutes)

3. Multilingual language perception and production

  • 2.15 PM: Clara Martin (BCBL)

  • 2.40 PM: Esti Blanco Elorrieta (NYU)

  • 3.05 PM: Alexis Hervais Adelman (University of Zurich)

  • 3.30 PM: Francesca Branzi (MRC CBU)

  • 3.55 PM: Ending & Drinks

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7th FESN Meeting
Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 21.47.07.png

We would like to draw your attention to 7th meeting of the Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN) which takes place in Milan on the 5-7. September 2019. The federation currently unites 18 national societies and is a great chance to experience the latest top-level scientific and clinical updates. Click here for their flyer advertising this years meeting.

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Conference Deadlines Extended

Some important updates to this years conference in Cambridge. We are extending the deadlines for abstract submissions and early bird registration. The new dates are:

  • Monday 10th June for abstract submissions

  • Friday 21st June for the announcement of the provisional programme (abstracts accepted)

  • Friday 12th July for the closing date of early-bird registration

We are also excited to announce the three symposia selected for the conference:

  • Split brain: Split or unified agency - Proposer Edward de Haan (Amsterdam)

  • The information content of brain activity in real time - Proposers John Duncan & Alexandra Woolgar (Cambridge)

  • Brain stimulation as therapy - who responds? - Proposer: Katherine Dyke (Nottingham)

These symposia will be presented alongside the keynote by Kia Nobre (University of Oxford) and prize winner talks by Patrick Haggard (UCL) and Micah Allen (University of Cambridge). In addition, we will be hosting a satellite event on the 4th of September on the topic of Language and Cognition. It will be held at the Cambridge CBU Lecture Theatre and will be free to attend for all BACN conference goers.

Join us for this exciting conference and add your own work to this impressive line-up by submitting an abstract! For any further questions e-mail Nick Cooper (ncooper@essex.ac.uk).

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The Gendered Brain

On of our past BACN presidents Professor Gina Rippon has just brought out her new book ‘The Gendered Brain: The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain’. The book offers a scientific insight into the make-up of the human brain, refuting some of the long-standing ideas on the inferior make-up of the female brain. If you are interested in learning more about the brain and the cognition and behaviour that results from its make-up, this book offers and excellent insight that is interesting and accessible for a range of readers with different levels of neuroscientific knowledge. A link to the book on amazon can be found here. For a review of the book click here.

We are also very excited to announce that Gina’s book will be awarded to our poster prize winners at this years 2019 Cambridge conference! Our thanks go to Gina for generously providing some of her books as prizes.

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Early and Mid Career Awards

We are pleased to announce this year's recipients of the BACN early and mid-career research awards. The mid-career award goes to Prof. Patrick Haggard, the early-career award to Dr. Micah Allen. Both prize winners will give a talk about their work at the upcoming September conference. They will be joined by Prof. Kia Nobre who will deliver the 2019 keynote address. We hope you will join us in Cambridge for a conference promising to offer some inspiring insights into their groundbreaking work.

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BACN 2019

The next BACN conference will take place in Cambridge on the 2nd & 3rd September 2019.  More details to follow shortly. Registration is now open and early-bird rates are available until 20th May. We are very pleased to announce that this year, childcare bursaries will be available, please contact Duncan Astle for further details: Duncan.Astle@mrc-cbu@cam.ac.uk

For general inquiries, e-mail Nick Cooper (ncooper@esex.ac.uk). Click here for more information.

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