The British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience

2019 Conference Program

Monday, September 2nd
Location: Robinson College, Grange Rd, Cambridge CB3 9AN

  • 8:45 Registration (Welcome tea/coffee)

  • 9:15 Welcome address & conference introduction

  • Symposium: Split brain: split or unified agency (Chair Edward de Haan)

    9:30 Matt Rosner: The split-brain phenomenon

    9:55 Edward de Haan: The interaction between visual hemifield/body and respond hand

    10:20 Yair Pinto: Challenges and pitfalls in the split-brain research

    10:45 Anil Seth: Islands of awareness

  • 11:10 Tea & coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • 11:30 Mid-Career Prize Lecture

    • Patrick Haggard

  • 12:30 Speed presentation session 1

  • 13:00 Lunch break with poster session 1 and sponsor exhibits

  • Symposium: The information content of brain activity in real time (Chair - John Duncan & Alexandra Woolgar)

    14:15 Alexandra Woolgar: Spatial and feature-based attention have distinct, interacting, effects on population-level tuning

    14:40 Sneha Shashidhara: Local field potentials contain stronger and more stable information than spikes

    15:05 Mark Stokes: Separating competing task representations within prefrontal cortex

    15:30 Denise Moerel: Disentangling the effects of attention and decision-making on the dynamic representation of visual stimuli

  • 16:00 Tea & coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • 16:30 Invited keynote speaker

    • Kia Nobre: Memory and Attention: the Back and Forth

  • BACN Conference Dinner & Dance

    • Location TBC

Tuesday, September 3rd
Location: Robinson College, Grange Rd, Cambridge CB3 9AN

  • Open session 1

    9:00 Edwin Dalmaijer: Big data statistics and high-resolution tests of cognition, attitudes , mental health, and socio-economic status reveal a complex interplay that shapes children’s educational outcomes

    9:25 Roni Tibon: Mulitmodal integration and vividness in the angular gyrus during episodic encoding and retrieval

    9:50 Carmel Mevorach: Hypoactivated precuneus as a potential mechanism underlying impaired dynamic attention in ASD

  • 10:15 Tea and coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • Open session 2

    10:45 Amanda C. Marshall: Interoceptive inference: from bodily predictions to environmental interactions

    11:10 Ashwani Jha: Metabolic lesion-deficit mapping of human cognition

    11:35 Daniel Bor: Fluctuation in fMRI and MEG neural complexity during wakefulness relate to conscious level and cognition

  • 12:00 Speed presentation session 2

  • 12:30 BACN AGM

  • 12:50 Lunch break with poster session 2 and sponsor exhibits

  • 14:00 Early Career Prize Lecture

    • Micah Allen

  • 15:00 Tea and coffee break with sponsor exhibits

  • Symposium: Brain stimulation as therapy - who responds? (Chair Katherine Dyke)

    15:20 Camilla Nord

    15:45 Jacinta O’Shea

    16:10 Sarina Iwabuchi

    16:35 Eileen Joyce

  • 17:00 Main Conference End

Wednesday, September 4th - Language & Cognition Satellite Event
Location: Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, 15 Chaucer Rd, Cambridge, CB2 7EF

  • 9:40 Introduction from Matt Lambon Ralph (MRC CBU)

  • Current understanding of human semantic cognition

    9:45 Beth Jefferies (University of York)

    10:10 Paul Hoffman (University of Edinburgh)

    10:35 Richard Binney (Bangor University)

    11:00 JeYoung Jung (University of Nottingham)

  • 11:25 Tea and coffee break

  • Language, speech and brain oscillations

    11:40 Benedikt Zoefel (MRC CBN)

    12:05 Hyojin Park (University of Birmingham)

    12:30 Tobias Reichenbach (Imperial College London)

  • 12:55 Lunch break

  • Multilingual language perception and production

    14:15 Clara Martin (BCBL)

    14:40 Esti Blanco Elorrieta (NYU)

    15:05 Alexis Adelman Hervais (University of Zurich)

    15:30 Francesca Branzi (MRC CBU)

  • 15:55 Drinks reception

Amanda Marshall