Our vision, aims and history.


The roots of BACN date back to December 1973 when 60 scientists met at Imperial College London to hold the inaugural meeting of what was then called the British Psychophysiology Society (BPPS). The group formed to establish a forum for workers in the field of psychophysiology, establish shared standards for data acquisition, promote the teaching and training of psychophysiology techniques at Universities and beyond and liaise with other societies in the area of psychological research. In 2005, the BPPS changed its name to the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience to reflect the changing nature of the discipline. However, the society remains committed to its original aims until this day. 



Our primary objective is to advance the education of cognitive neuroscience for the public benefit. We aim to promote this vision by providing an annual conference which acts as an environment for researchers at all stages of their career to meet, liaise and introduce their recent work to their peers. Our social media platforms likewise acts as a means for our members to circulate and promote their recent publications and advancements.

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BACN conferences are sponsored by Brain Products UK, Neuroscan, AME and antNeuro. In addition to sponsoring our annual conferences, our sponsors form an important and vibrant part of our meetings by sending their delegates as active participants. Their presence enables the exchange between researchers and the most notable service providers in the fields of neuroimaging, brain stimulation and psychophysiological recording.


Join us!

We are keen to acquire new members at all career stages - ranging from MSC students and PhD candidates to Professors. Annual membership fees range from £10 for full members and subscribers not working in the field of science to £5 for students and retired members.