News of bygone days


Past Annual scientific meetings

The British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience was founded in 1973 and has held regular meetings ever since. The society’s aim is to distribute meetings across the country so that members from all over Britain have the chance of easy access to the gatherings. This is also a great opportunity to experience different Universities, departments and their neuroscientific tools and facilities and visit different parts of the country. Often the meetings are paired with a tour of the department and a historic wander around the city. This happens alongside our traditional social gathering where we share a meal and dance a traditional Scottish dance called the ceilidh.

Past meetings have been held at the University of Essex in Colchester (2015) and the University of York (2014). In 2013, the BACN conference was hosted at the University of Nottingham and further back saw us gather at the University of Newcastle (2012), University of the West of England Bristol (2010), University College London (2009), Swansea (2008), Dundee (2007), Coventry (2006) and Aston University (2005). We hope to continue this tradition and look forward to many future meetings!



Past presidents and honorary members

BACN has been fortunate in the leadership of past presidents who have contributed much to the advancement of the society and contributed much of their spare time and effort for its promotion and continued success.The list of past presidents of BPPS/BACN includes:

  • Torsten Baldeweg

  • Peter Venables

  • Irene Martin

  • David Siddle

  • Tony Gale

  • Gudrun Sartory

  • Graham Turpin

  • Geoff Barrett

  • John Gruzelier

  • John Hinton

  • Gina Rippon

  • Adrian Burgess

  • Stephen Jackson

In addition to our past presidents BPPS/BACN has a number of honorary members. These include:

  • Peter Venables

  • Irene Martin

  • Alan Glass

  • Kees Brunia

  • Geoff Barrett



In the past BACN regularly circled a digital newsletter among its members. Nowadays we share our news with you via our social media accounts. So make sure you follow us on facebook and twitter @bacn_uk! If you are interested, here are some of our past newsletters: