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British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience

BACN Conference 2018

British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience (BACN)
2018 Annual Scientific Meeting
University of Glasgow: Early September 2018

The two-day meeting will be hosted by Gergor Thut and Marios Philiastides of the University of Glasgow. The meeting will feature a keynote speaker, two prize winner talks and three symposia.

  • Keynote: To be confirmed
  • BACN Mid-Career Award: Chris Miall (University of Birmingham)
  • BACN Early-Career Award: Joseph Galea (University of Birmingham)
  • Symposia: To be confirmed

We currently are inviting abstracts for open talk and poster presentations, as well as proposals for symposia. 

For open talk and poster presentations, please submit an abstract using the following Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/XjrFoHkkOeozFv2G2
First deadline for abstract submissions is 1st June 2018.

To discuss an idea for a symposium, please email Martin Edwards (Martin.Edwards@uclouvain.be) before the end of May 2018. The symposium must consist of no more than four speakers.
We will confirm a first draft of the programme by the end of June. We will also add details of the conference, including suggestions for travel and hotels, and details of the conference social events on the BACN website: http://bacn.co.uk/meetings.html.

Student bursaries will be available to members (or member applicants) through the abstract submission form.