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British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience


Title: "Wiring Together: Neuroplasticity in the Brain"

Date: 11.03.2017
Time: 8:30-18:00
Venue: New Hunt's House, Guy's Campus, King's College London, SE1 1UL

Message: KCL Neuroscience Society is pleased to announce its 4th annual one-day conference titled “Wiring Together: Neuroplasticity in the Brain”!

This year’s conference is focusing on neuroplasticity and the spectacular changes that take place in the brain from a molecular and cellular level to a cognitive and behavioural level. In order to better outline the numerous facets of neuroplasticity, we have classified the programme into five categories:
- cellular/molecular
- developmental
- clinical
- cognitive/behavioural
- plasticity in neuronal networks

There will be 6 KEYNOTE LECTURES covering topics such as:
- mechanisms of cerebral cortical plasticity
- brain training in Huntington’s Disease
- altering of memory mechanisms in disease states
- spinal neuroplasticity in limb paralysis
- growth cone pathfinding
- spinal cord and brainstem connectivity in neuropathic pain.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to attend 4 WORKSHOPS during the day, and showcase their research during a poster session! There are prizes to be won for the best 3 posters!

Website: www.kclneurosoc.com

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We are organising a conference on the cognitive neuroscience of novelty processing here at the University of East Anglia (UEA), integrating developmental, clinical, computational and neuroimaging approaches. 

The conference will take place on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th of May with local and external speakers including Professor Michael Rugg (University of Texas at Dallas), Professor Rik Henson, Dr Aya Ben-Yakov (University of Cambridge), and Dr Peggy St Jacques (University of Sussex). There will also be a poster session on the first day.

Please see link below for registration and poster submissions:


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