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British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience

Past Conferences

Our annual meetings are renowned as a showcase for innovative and contemporary research, as well as for their friendly and supportive environment. Presenters commonly express their appreciation for the opportunity to introduce their research to widely experienced and sympathetic audiences.

2005 Annual Conference, Aston University

Methods in mind - September 12th -16th, 2005

It seemed like a good idea at the time. In May 2004 I learned that the international brain imaging conference, the fMRI experience, was coming to Aston in September 2005. Why not combine forces with the British Psychophysiology Society (as it then was) and have a joint conference? 15 months later the list of reasons why not far outweighed those in favour but the bandwagon was rolling and, willy nilly, 300+ delegates descended on Aston for a 5 day ‘extravaganza’.

En route, the British Psychophysiology Society decided to relaunch itself as the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience, after much soul searching and heated email exchanges on the etymology of the term ‘Psychophysiology’, discussions of the Cartesian distinctions between cognition and emotion – in fact, more activity than had been engendered for some time in the Society’s history. So the conference could incorporate a relaunch party as well!!

I had obviously led a sheltered life in my previous experiences of conference organisation and was somewhat taken aback by the ‘media hungry’ attitude of my co-organiser Carl Senior. Suddenly the conference group were front page news.